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Welcome to Essaouira, where your Moroccan adventure begins with a touch of comfort and efficiency thanks to Essaouira Airport Taxi. Our premium taxi service offers you reliable and affordable transfers to and from Essaouira Airport, as well as to iconic Moroccan cities such as Marrakech, Casablanca and Agadir.

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Our fleet of modern, well-maintained taxis is at your disposal 24 hours a day to ensure your safe transportation. With Essaouira Airport Taxi, you benefit from exceptional customer service and an unrivaled travel experience.

Transparent and Competitive Prices

We believe in transparency and honesty. That's why we offer competitive rates with no hidden fees. Our prices are designed to fit your budget, allowing you to fully enjoy your stay without financial worries.

Journeys to the Main Moroccan Cities
  • Essaouira Marrakech Taxi : Travel comfortably between Essaouira and the ocher city, Marrakech. Whether for tourism or business, we guarantee you a pleasant journey.
  • Essaouira Casablanca Taxi : Let us take you to vibrant Casablanca, the beating heart of Morocco, where modernity and heritage meet.
  • Essaouira Agadir Taxi : Discover the beauty of Agadir and its sunny beaches with our taxi services that promise you a trip as pleasant as the destination itself.
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Booking your taxi is quick and easy with our online booking system at Plan your trip in advance and rely on our reliability for a stress-free travel experience.


Essaouira Airport Taxi is your trusted partner to discover Morocco. With services tailored to your needs, competitive rates and unrivaled quality of service, we are here to make your trip memorable. Book now and get ready to explore Morocco in comfort and style!

For any questions or to book your taxi, visit our website Or contact us directly. We look forward to welcoming you and contributing to an unforgettable experience.


General informations

Essaouira Mogador Airport, also known as Essaouira Airport, is an airport located near the city of Essaouira, on the Atlantic coast of Morocco. Here is some important information about this airport:

1. Flights: Essaouira Mogador Airport mainly serves charter and seasonal flights, especially during the peak tourist season. You can find flights from some European cities, such as Paris, London, Brussels, and other popular destinations.

2. Distance from city center: The airport is located approximately 17 km from the center of Essaouira. The journey from the airport to the city can take around 20-30 minutes by taxi or car.

3. Services and facilities: Although the airport is relatively small compared to large international airports, it still provides basic services to travelers. There are car rental counters, taxis available outside the airport, as well as a small cafe/restaurant and shops.

4. Transfer to city center: As mentioned before, you can easily reach Essaouira city center by taxi or car. You can also arrange a private transfer in advance with your accommodation.

5. Customs and visa formalities: Be sure to check customs and visa requirements before your trip to Morocco, depending on your nationality.

6. Activities in Essaouira: Essaouira is an attractive tourist destination, known for its magnificent beaches, historic medina, bustling fishing port, bohemian atmosphere and cultural heritage. You can stroll the alleys of the medina, visit the souks, taste local dishes in traditional restaurants, go artisan shopping and of course, enjoy the natural beauty of the area.

It is important to note that Essaouira Mogador Airport is smaller and less busy than Morocco's major international airports, such as those in Casablanca, Marrakech or Agadir. As a result, flight options may be more limited, especially outside of peak tourist season. Before your trip, be sure to check flight availability and schedules that suit your needs.

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Who are we

Taxi de Maroc offers a reliable and convenient taxi service in Morocco, connecting several cities and airports. Here is an overview of key routes and associated keywords:

  1. Essaouira Marrakech Taxi : If you need to get from charming city of Essaouira to vibrant Marrakech, our taxi service offers you a comfortable and safe journey. Enjoy the picturesque landscape as we drive you to the Red City.
  2. Essaouira Casablanca Taxi : For travelers wishing to reach the dynamic metropolis of Casablanca, our cab service is at your disposal. We'll take you through coastal roads and Moroccan landscapes.
  3. Essaouira Agadir Taxi : If you are planning a sunny stay in Agadir, our taxi service will accompany you from Essaouira to this popular seaside resort. Relax during the ride and enjoy the view of the Atlantic Ocean.
  4. Marrakech Casablanca Taxi : For business or leisure, our service taxi takes you from Marrakech to Casablanca, the economic capital of Morocco. Enjoy the comfort of our vehicles while we transport you between these two major cities.
  5. Marrakech Casablanca Taxi : For business or leisure, our taxi service takes you from Marrakech to Casablanca, the economic capital of Morocco. Enjoy the comfort of our vehicles while we transport you between these two major cities.
  6. Marrakech Agadir Taxi : If you need to go to Agadir from Marrakech, our taxi service offers you a convenient option. Admire the Atlas Mountains and desert landscapes on this ride.

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Our professional drivers are knowledgeable about routes, road conditions and flight schedules. Whether you land at Menara Airport from Marrakech, to Mohammed V airport from Casablanca, to Al Massira airport from Agadir or Mogador airport in Essaouira, we are here to welcome you and take you to your destination. Book quickly via:


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Tired of the hassle and uncertainty of finding reliable transportation to and from the airport? Look no further than taxi service and airport transfers or to any destination in Morocco at Taxi de Maroc, as our innovative service offers seamless airport transfers, allowing you to book easily your journey online or on site.

DepartureArrivalMAX numberPrice
Essaouira AirportEssaouira
1-4 Passengers15€
5-7 Passengers25€
8-14 passengers40€
Essaouira AirportMarrakesh
1-4 Passengers70€
5-7 Passengers90€
8-14 passengers150€
Essaouira AirportCasablanca
1-4 Passengers150€
5-7 Passengers200€
8-14 passengers270€
Essaouira AirportAgadir
1-4 Passengers70€
5-7 Passengers90€
8-14 passengers150€
Essaouira AirportTaroudant
1-4 Passengers130€
5-7 Passengers170€
8-14 passengers230€
Essaouira AirportOuarzazate
1-4 Passengers250€
5-7 Passengers320€
8-14 passengers400€
Essaouira AirportRabat
1-4 Passengers250€
5-7 Passengers280€
8-14 passengers350€
Essaouira AirportChefchaouen
1-4 Passengers350€
5-7 Passengers400€
8-14 passengers450€
Essaouira AirportFes
1-4 Passengers320€
5-7 Passengers390€
8-14 passengers500€