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Discover Taxi Marrakech, your preferred transportation solution for hassle-free travel in Marrakech and beyond. Here are the advantages of our service:

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For easy transfer of the airport to your place of stay or vice versa, Taxi Marrakech is the promise of a comfortable, secure trip adapted to your expectations. We are committed to making your transportation experience as pleasant as possible.

The City of Marrakech

Marrakesh is a beautiful and bustling city located in the south of Morocco. It is known for its medina, a historic walled district that is home to bustling souks, mosques and palaces. The city is also known for its lush gardens, oases and surrounding mountains.

Here are some of the main tourist attractions in Marrakech:

  • The medina of Marrakech is classified as a world heritage site. UNESCO. It is a labyrinth of narrow streets and alleys lined with shops, workshops and restaurants.
  • The Koutoubia Mosque is the largest mosque in Marrakech. It is built of red and white cut stone and its minaret is one of the symbols of the city.
  • Bahia Palace is a 19th-century palace that was once the residence of a grand vizier. Today it is a museum which houses a collection of Moroccan art objects.
  • The Majorelle Gardens are a botanical garden created by a French artist at the beginning of the 20th century. They are known for their bright colors and exotic plants.
  • The Atlas Mountains offer breathtaking views of Marrakech. They can be visited by hiking, trekking or skiing.

Marrakech is a city that has a lot to offer visitors. It is an ideal destination for those looking for a unique cultural experience, a complete change of scenery and a discovery of Morocco.

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Sports in Marrakech

All the sports, the sun and more memories

The ocher walls of Marrakech lean against the Atlas Mountains. These steep reliefs invite adventure: we walk on their slopes, we cross them with aerial bridges and we also descend them from snow-capped peaks.

For the more enduring, dare to climb Djebel Toubkal. Under the guidance of a guide, you trudge along the paths, you sleep in bivouac, finally, you reach the top of the mountain: the perspectives of the surroundings are magnificent and reward you for your efforts!

Backed by the Toubkal National Park, an eco-responsible nature reserve will welcome you with the largest aerial route in Africa. You will get your fill of sensations thanks to the zip lines, treetop adventures and aerial bridges!

The mountainous surroundings of Marrakech also give you the opportunity to indulge in the pleasures of skiing. Culminating at 3,200 meters, the Oukaïmeden ski area offers all the amenities expected and allows you to ski the day before, in the evening, returning to the gentler atmosphere of Marrakech.

Finally, 40 kilometers south of the city, the Lalla Takerkoust lake forms an ideal playground for motorized sports enthusiasts: quad rides and jet ski outings are organized there and guarantee their share of sensations.

The hinterland of Marrakech is another world! A few minutes from the comforts of the city, you discover wild but welcoming nature, large spaces where you can spend your time! Learn more about Sport in Marrakech...

Medina in Marrakech

The charm of Marrakech Marrakech, a concentrate of Moroccan history​

Bathed in the pink glow of its adobe walls, beautiful Marrakech opens its doors to all culture lovers. Inside its walls, masterpieces of architecture stand out, the humanities mingle. Marrakech is that, a mix of influences that come together at all times, a mosaic of colors where the wonders of the past and present emerge.

Take a stroll through the city. Pass under a gate in the medina and venture into the old quarter. This is where the historic heart of the former royal capital beats, where the famous minaret of the Koutoubia. Soaring towards the sky, culminating at 77 meters, it is the lighthouse of Marrakech, one of the lighthouses of Islamic art too since its design and its proportions inspired both the Hassan Tower in Rabat and the Giralda in Seville .

A little further on, the Menara gardens founded by the Almohad dynasty spread out: enjoy the freshness of the place, its avenues of olive trees. As the sun descends on the horizon, the place shines with an enchanting amber glow, reminiscent of the tales of the Arabian Nights!

Other beauties still line the streets. Lost in time, you marvel at these treasures bequeathed to the ocher city by history. Learn more about Medina in Marrakech...

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Taxi de Maroc offers a reliable and convenient taxi service in Morocco, connecting several cities and airports. Here is an overview of key routes and associated keywords:

  1. Essaouira Marrakech Taxi : If you need to get from charming city of Essaouira to vibrant Marrakech, our taxi service offers you a comfortable and safe journey. Enjoy the picturesque landscape as we drive you to the Red City.
  2. Essaouira Casablanca Taxi : For travelers wishing to reach the dynamic metropolis of Casablanca, our cab service is at your disposal. We'll take you through coastal roads and Moroccan landscapes.
  3. Essaouira Agadir Taxi : If you are planning a sunny stay in Agadir, our taxi service will accompany you from Essaouira to this popular seaside resort. Relax during the ride and enjoy the view of the Atlantic Ocean.
  4. Marrakech Casablanca Taxi : For business or leisure, our service taxi takes you from Marrakech to Casablanca, the economic capital of Morocco. Enjoy the comfort of our vehicles while we transport you between these two major cities.
  5. Marrakech Casablanca Taxi : For business or leisure, our taxi service takes you from Marrakech to Casablanca, the economic capital of Morocco. Enjoy the comfort of our vehicles while we transport you between these two major cities.
  6. Marrakech Agadir Taxi : If you need to go to Agadir from Marrakech, our taxi service offers you a convenient option. Admire the Atlas Mountains and desert landscapes on this ride.

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Marrakech AirportMarrakesh
1-4 Passengers15€
5-7 Passengers25€
8-14 passengers35€
1-4 Passengers120€
5-7 Passengers150€
8-14 passengers200€
1-4 Passengers120€
5-7 Passengers150€
8-14 passengers200€
1-4 Passengers70€
5-7 Passengers90€
8-14 passengers150€
1-4 Passengers120€
5-7 Passengers150€
8-14 passengers200€
1-4 Passengers120€
5-7 Passengers190€
8-14 passengers250€
1-4 Passengers200€
5-7 Passengers230€
8-14 passengers300€
1-4 Passengers300€
5-7 Passengers350€
8-14 passengers400€
1-4 Passengers250€
5-7 Passengers300€
8-14 passengers390€